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Tealeaf Academy Review

I recently finished the last lesson of the last week of the last course of Tealeaf Academy. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with anyone thinking about doing a Ruby on Rails bootcamp.

How to seed file uploads from a remote URL for CarrierWave.

I recently deployed an app to Heroku. It's a Netflix clone called MyFlix. The cover art for the different videos are image files stored in an S3 bucket. The files are uploaded when an admin creates a video through the app's interface. The wonderfu...

Completely Done With Tealeaf Academy!

Today I finished up the last of the assignments for Tealeaf Academy. We wrapped up our Netflix clone by giving the admin the ability to view payments and locking users out if their payment failed. I got to use a few new tools such as webhooks and ...

Done With Week 7 of Course 3 at Tealeaf Academy

As I race towards the end of the last of Tealeaf's courses (only 1 week after this!), I find myself learning more in each lesson than a few of the previous ones combined. The amount of learning is growing at an exponential rate!

Done With Week 6 of Course 3 at Tealeaf Academy

It's crazy to think about it, but I only have 2 weeks left until I'm done with all 3 courses at Tealeaf. I've learned an absolutely crazy amount and I'm so excited to get working on my own projects and look for a job in my new career.