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Continuous Integration for Phoenix Apps on CircleCI

I just recently got turned on to Elixir and Phoenix. I decided to play around and write a small, stupid app that would function as a sort of bot for my company's Slack team. There are a handful of specs, and I wanted to be able use Continuous Inte...

Export CSV and Attach to Model With Paperclip

From time to time, users will want export their data from your app. An easy way to do that is to build a CSV (comma separated values) file and then let them download it. I'll show you how build that CSV and then attach to a model with Paperclip

2 Easy Ways to Display Lots of Data Faster in a Rails App

Rendering views is almost always the slowest part of a rails app. The more data you need to display, the more rendering needs to take place, the slower the app loads. This post is going to show you how to use a couple tools to display lot...

I switched from Wordpress to Jekyll

So, it's been a really long time (like a really, really long time) since I've posted, or updated this site at all. Basically it's been because I haven't found the time to blog regularly anymore. The main reason, which is actually a good t...