Completely Done With Tealeaf Academy!

Completely Done With Tealeaf Academy!

Today I finished up the last of the assignments for Tealeaf Academy. We wrapped up our Netflix clone by giving the admin the ability to view payments and locking users out if their payment failed. I got to use a few new tools such as webhooks and ngrok.

There wasn’t much covered in this final week, just basically adding the last couple features and a bit of cleanup.

I started at Tealeaf exactly 3 months and 1 week ago. I’m looking at my commits on github now. My first commit for the first course was iterating through an array of my numbers. My last commit for the last course was merging in a branch that added the ability for admins to view payments and for deactivating users based on a post to a webhook from our 3rd party payment processor. It’s amazing that I’ve gone that far in this little amount of time.

I am so excited to get started in my life as a professional developer. I am going to be working on a personal project and then I am going to begin applying for jobs, using that personal project as part of my portfolio.

I would like to personally thank Chris Lee, Kevin Wang, and all the TAs of Tealeaf Academy. I definitely could not have made it this far with out them. They gave me all the help I needed and made me a much better developer. If you want to learn more about Ruby on Rails than you ever thought you could, check them out at

I’m off to work on my personal project. I’ll be updating with some more details on that in the coming days. For now, I’ll say that it’s going to be called “That Don’t Suck” :)